Simple Green Things to Go Green

A small house..or rather a farm house, with a big green expanse all around. We grow our food around our own house. Our house has sunroofs and at night we burn candles and lanterns for light. We don’t need any of those power hungry electric appliances. We wash our clothes and do the dishes by hand. We consume only fresh food, we don’t need refrigerator. What’s the use of television? All we need to rejuvenate after a hard day’s work is a few deep breaths of clean, fresh and oxygen rich air. We entertain ourselves and our children with anecdotes which also help them learn some useful things. We play outdoor games too, no, we don’t go to gym to exercise. Our’s is a big family and nobody has been sick for years. We go around the town on our feet. We don’t go to office, we work at home for living and we enjoy our life with our family. Now that’s a pretty organic picture, isn’t it? Though, it seems to be from a few centuries ago.

With all the modernization and industrialization, we are going away from this pretty picture; we are going away from nature. The advent of science and technology has made our life easier and the world smaller. The perfect green picture above is a stark contrast to our life today, it sounds primitive. We can not imagine life without those electronic gadgets, automobiles and airplanes, not to mention those use-and-throw things. An unwanted side-effect of all this progress is increased landfills, polluted environment with increased levels of harmful carbon and invention of new diseases. We are abusing the earth, which belongs not only to us humans, but to other millions of organic species.

Let’s do our bit to restore the natural balance, let’s reduce the use, reuse whatever we can and recycle everything we can…

Here's how you can make a difference...

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A small house..or rather a farm house, with a big green expanse all around. We grow our food around our own house, using self-made organic compost. Our house has solar panels on the roof, we use solar energy for light and to run our appliances that make life so convenient. We watch television, but we do not spend all our evening in front of it. That leaves us with a lot of time to spend with each other and our children. Our children go to good schools and at times we think they are smarter than us. We play outdoor games too. We go to gym to exercise, especially in winter, when we can not go jogging. Our’s is a small family and we take care of each other when we are sick. We have sophisticated medical system available to heal ourselves. We use environmentally friendly products, we shop loal, we love farmers' market. We go around the town on our bike. We work for multinational organizations that enrich our life and the globe, intellectually, economically, socially. We use public transport, car pooling.We think of more and more ways for saving energy, get closer to nature, reduce our carbon footprint. Now that’s a pretty organic picture, isn’t it? And we can make it happen at present, as a present to our beloved children…

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