Recommended Math Books

Out there in the readable world, there are several recreational math books that capture our imagination & quote several facts that ring a bell somewhere in the horizon of our minds, leaving us in awe of the beauty that lies within the Mathematical world. My passion (rather madness!) for Maths drives me into reading several books on diverse topics - History of Mathematics, Number Theory, Geometry, Calculus etc. Here's a partial list of books that caught my imagination & had me read them again and again, over a period of years. These books cover several topics in the area of recreational maths while gliding over some of the serious aspects of mathematical sciences. Whether you are a Math enthusiast yourself or just love solving puzzles and number games, I am sure you will enjoy them.
Wonders of Numbers - Clifford A. Pickover
Wonders of Numbers
Of all the books on number theory that I have read, this has been the most intriguing & interesting. This book is divided into several small chapters. What I like about this book is, anytime you walk by the bookshelf, pick this book up & turn to any page of this book. You are bound to be stranded & engrossed till you have read the complete chapter.

Journey Through Genius - William Dunham
Journey through Genius
Journey Through Genius takes you into some of the greatest minds of last 20 centuries. Beautifully written, Dunham also talks about some of the revolutionary theorems these minds gave to the world.

The Mathematical Universe - William Dunham
The mathematical universe
Another beauty from William Dunham. Walks you through the life of Mathematicians & theorems like an entertaining story.

The Puzzling Adventures of Dr.Ecco - Dennis Shasha
If you are in awe of Sherlock Holmes, you will find this is a mathematical parallel of Sherlock Holmes stories. Dennis Shasha introduces Dr. Jacob Ecco, a mathematical genius who calls himself an omniheurist - a person who solves all problems. Must read for all puzzle lovers.

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