My Experiments With Numbers

"The best way to learn is to inquisitively ask yourself a question, and then go about seeking answer to that question." A realization that dawned on me years ago, and keeps re-affirming itself now and again.

If you like numbers, you have certainly spent a lot of time solving numeric puzzles or teasers. At times, you feel so intrigued by some of them (eg. Pythagorean Triplets), that you may go beyond just solving puzzles, in an attempt to discover something more about the numbers you encountered. Being deeply fascinated with numbers ever since I was a kid, very often, a question would pop up in my mind, driving me down a very interesting journey of seeking an answer to it.

As I found such a journey interesting, I thought it might be worthwhile to share with you the questions I happened to ask myself, related to numbers & how I happened to go about seeking answers to those questions. More often than not, discovering some kind of number pattern that describes the properties of the numbers I was dealing with. Hope you find these interesting.

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