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Buying a home Home Buying Process - In Short

Buying a home can be quite a 'moving' experience. We recently purchased our first home (a condo) in Oak Park, IL. Yes, we know what it feels like to be a first time home buyer. Did you say...? Thanks! :)

Just at it sounds, purchasing a home, especially for the first time, can turn out to be a long, complex and tiring process that requires a lot of research and hard work. It was no different for us.

After wading our way through a lot of unknowns, how tos, when tos, where tos and what nots, we decided to share our home-buying experience with our readers. We hope that this article helps you understand the process better and gives you a fair idea of what to expect. We also hope that this article makes your home buying experience less stressful than it was for us!
As there is a lot to share, we will publish our articles in parts. About an article per week. More, if time permits. Here's a glimpse of what we intend to write about.

  • What to expect? Home Buying Process - In Short
  • Costs involved in buying a home.
  • Why buy a home?
  • Planning before the house-hunt
  • Search. Search. Search.
  • Shortlisting - Les Probables!
  • Finding the attorney, home inspector, agent, etc.
  • Negotiation
  • Gauge the right mortgage (pun intended)
  • Some tax consulting (duh, where's all my money gone?)
  • Closing ceremony - check please!
  • Renovation, contractors, village permits, inspections...
  • Moving - packing bags & aching backs
  • Seriously dude, you need a change (of address)!
  • Left overs...
  • ...Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

Meanwhile, if you have any specific questions related to our home-buying experience, please feel free to write to us. We will respond as soon as we can.

This article is in no way meant as an advertisement for people we have worked with while buying our home. So rest assured, you will not be bombarded with monkeys flying across your screen, while you are reading these articles.
Please be aware that we are not a legal authority of any kind. Just a couple of mortal simpletons sweating to keep ourselves in shape. We are publishing this article only as a means of sharing our experience, increasing awareness amongst our readers and as a community service.
We are not responsible for any loss/damage caused by use of information published here. (You knew this was coming, didn't ya!)

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