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www.rohitn.com was a (surprise) gift from my wife, Sam, on my birthday.

Sam bought the domain name www.rohitn.com a couple of days before my birthday & added a Happy Birthday page to it as a home page. When she revealed the surprise to me, I was stunned & delighted at the same time. A domain name, at last! I am ever thankful to Sam, for giving me this wonderful surprise.

To say a little about the lady that made it happen, Sam is an energetic, health conscious self.
"One should eat 5 different kinds of fruits and vegetables each day", an advice she never forgets to give me 5 different times every day.

She has a systematic way of doing everything she undertakes - be it cooking or creating a business requirement document. She is also a thorough and a persistent learner - one of those who never like to sit idle (unless they are asleep!). Her varied interests include fitness, enterpreneuership, stock markets, martial arts, dancing, knitting, to name a few.

She is also a prolific, enthusiastic & an exemplarary cook. Her creativity with making something palatable & yummy out of left-overs never fails to dazzle me. Though I am the "victim" of all of her culinary experiments [ the only (lab) rat in the kitchen, as I call myself ], her dishes are tempting enough to drive me down the vice of gluttony. I have managed to resist the temptation so far, though, with great effort.

Sam is also an editor and proof reader of this site. She painstakingly goes over each and every word/sentence to ensure that there are no grammatical errors or misrepresentations. Her thoroughness in this matter, is quite impressive.

As with any other, this is an evolving site. We intend (and hope) to add new stuff to it, every often. Couple of sections are meant to be updated every week (and we expect to live up to it!). Hope you find something interesting enough to keep you visiting now & then.

Do feel free to share your comments/suggestions in making this website better. We appreciate your sparing the time for the same. And here's the page that lets you do that, without much ado.   Post your comment

Happy Surfing!
Sam says...

We both so wanted to have a personal website that it was the only thing that came to my mind when I was thinking of a birthday present for Rohit. Once it was decided that it's going to be a website, the next question was - What should be the domain name?

It's kind of tricky, every thing you seem to like is already taken. So you either keep scratching your head (and somebody else's too, if that is an option!) till you come up with something that is not already taken or engage a domain broker who can negotiate with the person / business who has registered the domain name you want. If you are lucky and can afford the price the seller is asking for, you may strike a deal and get the domain name that is your first choice. Domain trading is another interesting avenue opened up by the World Wide Web.

Well, I just scratched my head for a while and finally settled on rohitn.com. Godaddy.com has an easy to use domain search tool. That is where I bought the domain name and hosting plan too. There are plenty of free web hosting providers, usually they put ads on the website in exchange for free hosting.
It took a couple days to get the domain name registered, activated and to host the Happy Birth Day page. We soon realised, that was the easiest part. It took us several months to make the simple personal website live with real content.

Rohit designed and developed the website from scratch, using plain HTML. There are several user friendly applications that can be used for building a website quickly with out indulging in technical details. Being a techie himself, he favoured the flexibility that the handmade HTML gives. He used stylesheets to simplify the design and found Microsoft Visual Studio useful for it's syntax highlighting and intellisense features. The Microsoft Visual Studio Express, which we had downloaded for free, came in handy.

The main purpose of this web site is to create a forum to share Rohit's mathematical inclinations. Mathematics is his first love, he can talk / read / think Mathematics for hours on end. His mathematical musings are not only interesting, but clever and insightful. It's a real treat for those who share his inclination. And for those who don't, I will be adding some of our favourite recipes :).

In addition to being a Math whiz, Rohit is an accomplished Java Pro, a problem solver, a go-to guy. He won't give up until he discovers the root cause of the problem and find an ideal solution. He will be posting some of the programming tips he learnt from his experience, which we hope, will be useful for novice and experienced programmers alike.

Our favourite color is green, we believe that there is a green way to go about everything that we do. We are encouraging everyone to go the green way.

We take pleasure in learning something new everyday, read plenty of books and keep diverse interests. You will find us talking about these interesting things now and then. Hope you enjoy surfing this site as much as we enjoy hosting it.

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