Random Thoughts

There are occasions when this viscous blob called mind cracks open with a flash and spills out some erratic, rather funny thoughts. Here are some unexplained & random neural surges of an otherwise dormant thought-box! Enjoy!!
  • What you seek, is what you don't get.
  • Filling the timesheet is perceived to be such a low-priority chore that if you complete one before end of day on Friday, manager piles some more tasks upon you, assuming you have nothing important to do.
  • Let's not beat the egg to death.
  • IDIOT = A dot with two eyes.
  • Wasted minutes cannot be carried over. Life says, "Use them or lose them".
  • Go green. Save energy. Turn off CAPS LOCK & NUM LOCK (lights) when not in use.
  • Think before you type.
  • An aspirin a day, keeps headache at bay.
  • I look at plumbers squeezing into cramped spaces, getting the job done, and wonder if they are part-time contortionists.
  • MS Word should go green. It should allow us to type on both sides.
  • Computers can run much faster if we can kill the System Idle Process. It takes 99% of CPU time.
  • One of the aspects of meditation is progressive exploration of "Who am I". There is so much clutter in our minds, countless thoughts crossing our minds in rapid succession, staying at one place is difficult. It so appears, before we seek the "Who am I", an honest endeavour should be to find an unwavering reply to "Where am I".
  • If we exercise, we breathe more often, we inhale more oxygen and exhale more CO2. When we exercise, we sweat, and then we take a shower. When we take a shower, we dry our hairs with a hair-dryer, or turn on the fan. If we exercise, we use more oxygen, more water, more electricity. Stop! Keep the environment healthy.
  • One way to be able to say "I have no competition" is to not compete at all.
  • My laundry guy thinks he is a super hero. I call him the Iron Man.
  • One way to disprove a theorem is to prove that the proof runs into infinite number of pages.
  • They ask me why I dont write white papers. I tell them there isn't enough paper.
  • My laptop gets so hot, one could iron a shirt with it.

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