Little Droplets of Rhyme

Beauty Someday I'll simply disappear I wonder why

At one time or other, we all wonder about the purpose of our existence, our life on this planet, and if there is a divine plan, unknown to us, that will unfold in the worlds we have not seen yet. Along with these, comes the thought of what lies beyond. At times, we also wonder why He made the things, the way He made it. It was one of those still, calm afternoons. I stared at the clouds floating across the clear blue skies and wondered...about our existence, our destiny beyond mortal existence...thoughts flowed...

I wonder why...

He made the Nature,
And wind and rain and fire,
And then he made Humans,
And left them no time to admire.

I wonder why we found,
The gift of mortal existence,
The answer leads to gyrating clues,
When uncovered, make no sense.

I peek at what lies within,
The matter's thinnest slice, (*)
I see the chaos, and wonder,
If ever God plays dice.(**)

I wonder what pervades the abyss,
Of the endless celestial expanse,
If one could ever fathom the tune,
Of this divine cosmic dance.

I wonder why, He adorned us,
With the boon of imagination.
But just not enough to grasp,
The subtleties of His creation.

I wonder, times beyond light years,
And only so much we can see...
For human life, a fleeting glimpse,
A mere moment in eternity.

The atom, the milky way,
So similar, and yet so diverse,
I wonder endlessly, if we are,
A universe of atoms, or atoms in universe...(**)

* The quantum world, where events are probabilistic.
** Poem quotes A. Einstein ("God does not play dice") and R.P.Feynman ("...universe of atoms, or atoms in universe...")
purpose of life

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