Welcome to our CyberHome!
Welcome to our personal website. We call it our CyberHome - a place where we live and will live beyond our physical existence [or to be perfectly logical - as long as we can afford to pay for it!]. Friends and family who are otherwise unable to visit us can keep in touch with us here, regardless of the geographical distances or the difference in timezones. It is a means to keep in touch with old friends, and make new ones, who share the same interests as us. And our interests, they vary over a wide range of subjects from Mathematics to Software, from Photography to Food. We are also sharing our first time home buying experience. Now, before we lose your interest (with this wordy welcome speech) - We are glad that you visited us and we invite you to Go Green.
 What's New
Trivia >> Peculiar wrapping of leaves of the Ginger plant
Few snaps of the ginger plant at our home that has 7 leaves linked to one another.    Read on...
Trivia >> Icicles on the roof!
Icicles hanging down the roof is a common sight in Chicago's freezing temperatures. One particular icicle, hanging down our roof, had grown pretty long and we could not resist capturing the glimmering, icy cool visitor in its melting glory! I tried clicking a few while the drops were in mid air. Few snaps...
Trivia >> Random Thoughts
There are occasions when this viscous blob called mind momentarily cracks open with a flash and spills out some erratic thoughts. Here are some unexplained & random neural surges of an otherwise dormant thought-box!   
  • MS Word should go green. It should allow us to type on both sides.
  • What you seek, is what you don't get.
  • Nobody knows what A. Einstien's last words were. He muttered a few words before he died which the nurse, who did not speak German, could not understand. My guess - "I see the light! I see the light!"
  • Go green. Save energy. Turn CAPS LOCK & NUM LOCK (lights) off when not in use.