Little Droplets of Rhyme

Beauty in small things Someday I'll simply disappear I wonder why

It was a gorgeous evening. I was taking snaps of the beautiful kaleidoscope of setting sun. And then a lonely, brazen cloud floated across. "Ah, beauty that can only be described in poetry!", I thought. There's beauty in so many small things in life...if we care to that can be described only in verses. Beauty that is tantamount only to its reflection within us!

There's beauty in a rain drop,
There's beauty in the sky,
Beauty in small things in life,
That meet a beholder's eye.

Beauty in the swaying meadows,
The warmth of burning tinder,
Beauty in the cool, fragrant breeze,
That adorns the essence of winter.

Beauty in the golden rays,
The lucid, lusturous wake,
Beauty in the shimmering ripples,
That sparkle on the lake.

Beauty in the playful stream,
Rushing through the fingers,
Beauty in the sweet memories,
Of the first love, that lingers.

Beauty in the rustic redolence,
Amid the first drizzle of rains.
Beauty in the gorgeous grasslands,
And freshness of lush terrains.

Beauty in the voices,
That sing atop a tree,
Beauty in the chilly mornings,
And the warm sip of coffee.

Beauty in the cosy clouds,
And misty mountains they imbue.
The scarlet sunset yonder the ocean,
Panorama of ever pleasing hue.

Beauty is all around us,
In every sight and view,
A pebble in the universe, o human,
There's a beautiful universe within you.

Beauty in Small Things
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