Little Droplets of Rhyme

Beauty Someday I'll simply disappear I wonder why

It was a usual evening. I was trotting to catch the train home. I beheld the milling crowd, the smiling faces, the laughter, the beautiful sky...and felt happy about going home, and generally, about life. Then it occured to me... some day I am going to miss these little things. The thought did not complete itself. A few days later, during another train ride, the same thoughts stemmed forth in poetry.

Someday I'll simply disappear,
Into a void unknown,
Breaking the surly bonds,
On a journey unbeknown.

Oh! Will I be missed,
I know not, though,
I'll miss a world of things,
Everything I did ever know.

I'll miss the sunsets,
And the pretty, warm sunshine,
Miss the time I spent with you,
The touch of your hand in mine.

I'll miss the joy of reading,
The cosy companions on the shelf,
I'll miss those lonely nights,
I spent curled into myself.

I'll miss the day we reach,
Farthest into space,
An endless quest of unexplored,
That never fails to amaze.

I'll miss the crazy inventions,
Of human mind and science,
I'll miss the guiding light,
That once shone in my conscience.

I'll miss the moonlit sky,
That enthralled in many ways,
The lonely walk, the wintry nights,
And Nature's sweet embrace.

I'll miss the merry friends,
The joyful passage of time,
I'll miss putting pen to paper,
And turning words into rhyme.

Oh, will I be missed,
I know not though,
What lies beyond,
You never know.

Someday I'll simply disappear,
Closing a door behind me,
Is it all that is, I wonder,
Or an entrance to Eternity.

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